Freeze Frame was born in 2014 after years of working experience in the television world We provide ENG troupe for national TV broadcasters and professional service availing oneself of the best professionals to realize institutional video, music and wedding film. In fact, within the corporate team include: Directors, Directors of photography, steadycam operators, sound engineers, editors… The operating founder, the accuracy, the efficiency and the reliability are the success of our service activities.


We treat our customers with the utmost care and the product that we provide has a quality that meets the highest standards of the market.
Quality, speed and accuracy are the three factors that you should consider to choose Freeze Frame as your partner for the next job videomaking.


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  • Francesco Bestetti

    Francesco Bestetti began his career in 2007 as a sound engineer, after a training course on "techniques of filming and video editing" he became quickly an operator.
    After years of daily experience between services and reportage for the major national tv broadcasters,production of corporate videos, television format and music videos, in 2014 he became a founding member, with Alessandro Danini, of Freeze Frame s.r.l.s.

  • Alessandro Danini
    Alessandro Danini had obtained the Diploma of Sound Engineer in 2003 at NAM, Audio Multimedia school in Milan.
    After just a few months of experience in TV trade, he starts to develop a passion of video making and in 2005 he became an operator for the major italian tv broadcasters (Rai,La7,Mediaset) then he also specialized in editing with Avid Media Composer.
  • Valeria Licata
    Valeria Licata


    Valeria Licata had obtained an Economic Diploma in 2003
    She began her career working in a administrative office in a company of limited responsibility and then she joined in 2013 in the world of private television including in her skills also the management production.
    Her excellent work skills brought her to join the team of Freeze Frame.

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